What Is a Business Analyst?

Business analysts play an integral part in driving successful change initiatives, by identifying business requirements through thorough investigations and the collection of technical and non-technical data. These professionals also consider what’s technologically feasible and financially sensible when drafting ideas, and share this information with their development teams so they can craft solutions tailored specifically to […]

Practices to consider when trading ETFs

Are you interested in trading ETFs but need help figuring out where to start? Trading Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) may seem overwhelming and intimidating, given their complexity. However, as with any investment strategy, certain practices can be implemented to help grasp the concept of exchange-traded funds and ensure informed decision-making when trading. To assist you […]

The Benefits of an International Trade Show

Participating in trade shows may be costly, but when taking into account their cost per customer over their lifetime value it can pay dividends. Participating in international shows may also take time and be stressful but can provide valuable business connections and lead to new customer leads. Make sure all materials for an event, including […]

What You Need to Know About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to any form of promotion using electronic devices – such as email, social media and content marketing strategies – to promote products or services. Digital marketing provides quantifiable results, unlike traditional advertising. You can track exactly how many people saw or saved your ad or blog post allowing you to fine-tune and […]

What You Need to Know About Business Analyst Jobs

Business analyst careers offer attractive salaries and employment options, making it an excellent career option for those seeking a change. BAs assess data relevant to a company’s management and technical systems to identify areas for improvement, working across all levels of an organization to implement changes and ensure project outcomes meet stakeholder goals. Gathering Requirements […]

Accounting and Taxation

Accounting and taxation may have some overlap, but are distinct disciplines. Accounting involves analyzing an organization’s finances as a whole while taxation refers to specific procedures that businesses must follow when filing tax returns. Tax accounting encompasses methods used to compile financial statements for taxes, such as the cash method or accrual method, or inventory […]

Amazon Business – A Marketplace For Businesses

Amazon Business provides various services tailored specifically for businesses, including access to specific business products, flexible payment options and analytics – making it an excellent solution for streamlining purchasing processes and cutting costs. Amazon uses revenue generated from business sales to improve their delivery and fulfilment networks, leading to greater profits and customer loyalty for […]

What Does an Assistant Sales Manager Do?

Assistant sales positions provide entry-level candidates an opportunity to gain experience within the sales industry, learning their trade by performing tasks such as scheduling customer appointments and making sure salespeople have what they need to succeed. Customers and professionals who invest in maintaining strong customer and professional relationships stand a better chance of succeeding in […]