The Benefits of an International Trade Show

Participating in trade shows may be costly, but when taking into account their cost per customer over their lifetime value it can pay dividends. Participating in international shows may also take time and be stressful but can provide valuable business connections and lead to new customer leads. Make sure all materials for an event, including […]

Trade Show Exhibits – Exhibits at Your Next Business Conference

A trade show is an international trade show that typically occurs in one city in the year. It is an excellent platform for business executives and other business managers to meet face to face with other industry players, exchange leads and information, and share experiences of successful experiences. It is also a forum for promoting […]

The Importance of Networking When Organizing Trade Shows

A trade show is an international exhibition organised so that companies from a particular industry can show and showcase their latest innovations and products, interact with clients, business partners, industry peers and visitors, study current market trends and possibilities, and explore new market opportunities. A successful trade show participation would mean increased sales and market […]

Benefits of Trade Shows

A trade show (trade show, trade show convention, trade expo, or trade show exhibition) is a meeting or presentation made by business organizations in a given industry to promote and advertise their latest products and/or services, meet potential clients and business partners, explore current market trends and possibilities, and study the techniques and strategies used […]

Setting Up A Trade Show Booth And Setting Up Your Exhibit At Your Venue

A trade show is an important gathering of companies (companies, affiliates and business representatives), specialists and business leaders (visitors) who come together at a specialised venue to share knowledge, promote products and services, and make new connections. Trade shows are a very effective marketing and promotional tool. They are also an excellent way to network […]