Evolving Trends in Supply Chain Management – Creating Resilience in an Interconnected World

Over the past 3 years there have been transformational changes brought about by supply chain management as businesses face increased volatility and strain caused by new risk factors like pandemics and travel bans. Organizations need to build resilience if they are to manage risks effectively, but it needs more agility than ever before and unfortunately […]

The Two Aspects to Business Process Management

There are Two Aspects to Business Process Management, each addressing a specific aspect of a business process. Business process management takes a step back from the customer experience to analyze the internal processes of an organization. This is because there is no perfect process and inefficiencies take away from the bottom line. During the analysis […]

What Are the Functions of Management Process?

What Are the Functions of Management Process? This article will discuss the various roles and functions that each of these processes has in the organization. Ultimately, a management process is the foundation for the accomplishment of an organization’s objectives. It must be a beacon of hope and aspiration to all employees. Therefore, effective communication is […]

Business Administration and Management

Business administration and management are closely related. Both involve overseeing the operations of a commercial enterprise. Business administration is a popular field among students and professionals alike. It involves overseeing business operations, such as hiring and firing employees. In some cases, it may also involve assisting business owners with their marketing and strategic planning. Regardless […]