Best Money Management Apps

Uning the ropes of finances doesn’t need to be difficult – these top-rated apps can make life simpler!

PocketGuard provides an effective budgeting approach, known as the envelope method, to help users prevent overspending by allocating each dollar for specific purposes (known as budget envelope method). This app connects to accounts and tracks bills, goals, income savings and debt payoff as well as providing both a free version and premium option.


You Need a Budget (YNAB) has helped millions of people transform their relationship with money. Its proactive budgeting approach encourages users to plan ahead so that spending won’t become an argument and sleep better at night. Individuals or couples can use it, with both real-time updates showing changes. Plus it features built-in debt management and savings tools as well as educational resources available across languages.

YNAB stands apart from other money management apps by letting you decide where each dollar should go before spending it. Once decided, it tracks progress with color-coded balance displays: green indicates you have enough funds for an expense while orange means additional funds may be necessary; you can redistribute funds between categories if necessary. Compatible with most bank accounts and credit cards as well as web browsers, iPads, and Apple Watch devices, the app makes money management simple!

Simplifi by Quicken

Simplifi is a personal finance aggregator that gives a comprehensive view of your finances. The app imports bank transactions to track how you’re spending each month and allows you to set custom spending watchlists based on categories or tags. Furthermore, Simplifi offers features to help reach savings goals such as bill tracking and automatic monthly contributions.

Simplifi makes it easy to customize its notifications, enabling you to receive alerts only when they matter most – for instance when spending over $200 or $500. For example, set threshold notifications such as when spending goes over that threshold amount.

Simplifi automatically categorizes purchases to help make budgeting easy, showing you exactly how your expenses compare against your budget and displaying how much spending remains for the month so that you stay on course to meet your financial goals such as buying a house or saving for retirement. Its features make this particularly helpful for people with large financial goals such as buying or saving for a retirement fund.


PocketGuard provides both free and paid versions for users looking to gain control over their spending. By connecting to your checking, savings, and credit accounts it can monitor how you spend money and create a budget by tracking spending habits – this feature also keeps track of credit card bills that come due and reminds of payments; change category names to provide an in-depth view into spending patterns – it even lets users set and update savings goals!

“In My Pocket” shows how much is left for spending each day, week, or month after income, bills, and savings have been deducted. Additionally, it highlights areas for possible reductions such as subscription services or overpriced goods and services that you might encounter along the way.

While PocketGuard can be user-friendly once your expenses, income and savings goals have been created, the initial setup can be challenging. Linking all your accounts, categorizing spending and finding an ideal budget might take some time and patience.


Mint is one of the most acclaimed budgeting apps on the market. Connecting users’ accounts and providing an overview of their finances in one convenient place, this budgeting app lets them set savings goals and review credit score trends at no cost – while its premium plan offers even more features like bank account integration, salary planning and group financial coaching.

EveryDollar by Dave Ramsey provides a more structured approach to money management that can help you create and adhere to a budget. It uses an envelope budgeting system which allocates each dollar from your take-home income directly into a spending category; then zeros out any residual amounts at month’s end.

Spendee is an ideal solution for couples as it enables you to easily sync accounts or manually add information for a comprehensive view of finances. Plus, Spendee offers bill negotiation capabilities to get lower prices on utilities and subscription services!

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Best Money Management Apps

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