Best Money Management Apps

Money management apps provide an efficient and simple way to stay on top of finances, set savings goals and achieve financial success. Some are free, while others may require monthly subscription fees.

Digit is an app that analyzes spending patterns and automates funds into savings goals daily, while providing bill negotiating services as well.

Simplifi by Quicken

Simplifi by Quicken is an impressive personal finance management tool with a user-friendly interface, featuring over 14,000 institutions to which it can connect accounts, track spending and savings goals, manage investments and receive alerts of unusual transactions.

Budget tools offered by Moneybox offer an easy, no-hassle way of budgeting, with reports detailing how much money remains after paying bills and monitoring upcoming bills and creating a spending plan which updates automatically.

Quicken is an industry leader when it comes to financial management software and has over three decades of experience helping people manage their finances. Their mobile apps synchronize seamlessly with desktop software so any changes you make on either device will automatically update on both.


YNAB offers an immersive approach to budgeting. Users are encouraged to set aside budget categories for bills and ongoing expenses before spending them – an effective strategy for curbing impulse purchases. Furthermore, live educational workshops help users develop their financial knowledge.

This app stands out from its competition by offering unique features such as splitting transactions and sharing a budget with a partner. Furthermore, it integrates with banking, credit card and investment accounts automatically importing transactions for automatic import into your budget and running reports on spending and net worth.

Learn the app carefully; once mastered it can become an invaluable way of breaking free of your paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.


Monarch Money is a comprehensive financial management app designed to assist users with spending, budgeting and investing. Available both on iOS and Android platforms, its features include automatic categorization, customizable main dashboard and goal setting capabilities. Established by Val Agostino, Jon Sutherland and Ozzie Osman who all boast extensive startup experience respectively.

This app’s team prioritizes user security by using bank-grade encryption technology for added protection of sensitive information. In addition, an intuitive experience is offered as well as free trials for newcomers.

Although YNAB has many devotees, it does have its drawbacks. Notably, it does not provide credit monitoring service and requires a high-yield savings account that many may not possess.


Goodbudget is an envelope-based money management app designed to encourage financial discipline. Insightful reports offer insight into your spending patterns and allow for adjustment so you can save more.

With its intuitive design and customizable user interface, Budget Maker makes budget management effortless. Users can tailor the app’s appearance to match their preferences, creating up to 10 budget envelopes. Furthermore, cloud syncing provides couples and families a way to work together on shared budgets together.

Goodbudget stands out with its highly rated mobile app and sharing capabilities, making it a top pick for individuals and couples seeking to track their spending and savings. Though it doesn’t sync directly with bank or credit cards, Goodbudget provides comprehensive reports about spending habits that provide insight into individual spenders’ habits.


PocketGuard is a budgeting app that enables users to track spending and income using an intuitive user interface, and includes a “pocket” feature to save for specific categories such as fast food or public transit. Account syncing makes this possible; users will receive notifications if their spending threshold approaches.

PocketGuard uses an intelligent algorithm to recognize recurring expenses and income sources like bills and subscriptions during its signup process, then calculates how much is left over for daily spending based on details provided by you.

Users can customize their categories, set savings goals and receive monthly reports. The In My Pocket feature is particularly helpful, showing what a user’s daily, weekly and monthly spending allowance looks like after accounting for bills, expenses and savings accounts.

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Best Money Management Apps

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