What You Need to Know About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to any form of promotion using electronic devices – such as email, social media and content marketing strategies – to promote products or services.

Digital marketing provides quantifiable results, unlike traditional advertising. You can track exactly how many people saw or saved your ad or blog post allowing you to fine-tune and expand your strategy and business.


Digital marketing refers to using electronic devices to promote and sell products or services, from websites and social media to search engine optimization (SEO) and email campaigns. Digital marketing encompasses various activities designed to reach target customers online via channels that they find most appropriate – this rapidly-evolved field provides businesses with plenty of opportunities to connect with them directly.

Search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), and email marketing are the three main forms of digital marketing. SEM involves paying to boost a website on search engine results pages; SMM uses social media channels like YouTube or blogs to share videos or blogs that attract potential customers; while email marketing involves sending branded material directly to customers and prospects via email.

Successful digital marketing strategies leverage data to provide tailored experiences that build customer loyalty and drive conversions. For instance, cosmetics brand Sephora uses AR technology to allow shoppers to sample makeup products without leaving home, while beer brand Heineken’s “Cheers to All” campaign was groundbreaking by showing women and men alike enjoyed enjoying beer together. These digital strategies enable businesses to connect quickly and effectively with customers while providing flexibility and scalability to adapt quickly to market changes.


Digital marketing strategy refers to an integrated set of tactics used to promote your business online, such as providing omnichannel experiences, collecting and analyzing data and running paid media campaigns on platforms like Google, Facebook or Instagram.

Advertisements can take various forms: text, images or video. Ads typically conform to their platform of appearance so as to fit seamlessly within user feeds. Digital marketing includes email marketing – using software to build customer profiles and send targeted emails that target each person on your list with customized content that resonates with each.

Cosmetic brand Sephora employs a strong digital marketing strategy, using multiple channels such as makeup apps and mobile applications, to reach customers on their terms. For instance, its virtual makeup application lets customers try on products in virtual environments while its mobile app connects directly to its ecommerce site so consumers can check out quickly and easily. Beer brand Heineken followed suit with their campaign that broke gender norms around drinking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a form of digital marketing that assists websites in ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO increases website visibility and leads to more site visits, leading to additional business.

SEO encompasses an expansive set of practices and techniques, from keyword research and content strategy development, meta tag optimization, link building and user experience enhancements to mobile optimization, site speed improvements and mobile optimisation – among many others. As it evolves constantly with new trends and technologies emerging regularly.

No matter the techniques utilized, all SEO efforts aim at providing users with the optimal search experience. That is why search engines constantly evolve their algorithms in order to keep pace with changing user expectations and the dynamic nature of the web.

Search engines use bots to crawl the web and collect information on each page, known as an index. When entering a search query, this index is consulted in order to return results that meet user criteria, including keywords entered, location and previous search history – factors which are all taken into consideration by an algorithm determining which results to display for any given search query.

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