What Does an Assistant Sales Manager Do?

Assistant sales positions provide entry-level candidates an opportunity to gain experience within the sales industry, learning their trade by performing tasks such as scheduling customer appointments and making sure salespeople have what they need to succeed.

Customers and professionals who invest in maintaining strong customer and professional relationships stand a better chance of succeeding in sales roles, according to Cote. “Sales offers unique opportunities for building a career.”

Customer Service

Provide customers with exceptional customer service while promoting company products and services. Assist customers in making purchase decisions based on sales goals, promotions, upcoming events and product purchase quotas; answer calls promptly from customers; respond emails in a timely fashion and log all relevant data into the company database; resolve promotional allowance, rebate or pricing discrepancies when applicable.

Help the sales manager lead and manage a team of sales representatives to meet and exceed client sales goals, organize events, conferences and meetings, promote products and services through print media, social media platforms and public outreach strategies and facilitate client sales goals by meeting or exceeding them.

Virtual assistants will help your company connect with potential customers through digital marketing strategies, generate leads and manage CRM so it stays current with information about new potential buyers, create sales staff leads lists with targeted prospects as well as record and report key sales metrics back to sales managers.

Inventory Management

Inventory management services on store sales floors. This involves placing promotions products in designated areas, keeping shelves tidy, taking credit and debit card payments at a Point of Sale device and handling customer complaints promptly and bringing them up with management for resolution.

Assist in developing improvement programs for salespeople who are not meeting their objectives. Help the sales manager keep inventory levels balanced based on customer and market analysis. Ensure all departmental policies and procedures are understood and followed by staff.

Conducts regular product and supply audits to detect discrepancies with inventory records, tracks deliveries, shipments, stock levels and stock levels to optimize inventory control procedures and maintain an inventory database.

Evaluates reorder points’ effectiveness in reducing inventory levels and shipping costs; develop business relationships with suppliers and clients.

Sales Presentations

Sales presentations are an essential element in your sales pipeline, helping clients gain greater insight into their industry and goals, and providing them with an engaging call to action.

At any presentation, it’s crucial that you engage with your audience by asking questions and making them feel heard. Doing this can also serve to highlight the benefits of your solution and share a tale about a previous customer who experienced similar problems before working with you.

Be sure to include interactivity and animation when crafting your sales presentation. Avoid overstuffing each slide with too many graphs, images, text and statistics as this can become too much for audiences to process. Furthermore, audio narration may add an additional personal touch.

Sales Management

Assistant sales managers work alongside their manager to devise strategies that help achieve goals and manage and monitor digital marketing campaigns.

Assistant sales managers must possess superior customer service skills in order to be effective as first point-of-contact with customers and offer assistance needed for making purchasing decisions.

Sales associates should be able to track and report on sales information, comparing projections with actual results. They may be charged with resolving sales or inventory issues and maintaining and updating a database of customers by inputting new profiles. They might also be asked to prepare overhead slides for presentations, track expenses and arrange shipment of samples directly to customers – providing this level of customer service will help build long-term relationships between potential clients and themselves.

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