Good Customer Service Means Open Communication

Customer service is basically the provision of good service to clients prior, during, and even after a sale. The perception of success in these interactions depends on how employees adjust themselves to this new personality of the customer. What was acceptable yesterday may not be tomorrow. And vice versa, what was unacceptable yesterday may well become acceptable tomorrow. It is up to the employee to be able to adapt or change along the way.

Although we often hear and read about the importance of the customer in any business transaction, many small businesses still have difficulty with their own expectations of how they should be treated. It is important for each small business to set its own expectations of both customers and employees. This includes expectations about behavior, attitude, and even dress code. These are all things that impact the level of service that customers receive.

Each time an individual leaves a store the first thought that usually crosses the mind is, “I hope that I will receive great customer support.” Unfortunately, often this does not happen. As stated above, even after dealing with similar issues from different clients, there is still the chance that customers will not receive great customer support. It is vital for each employee within a support team to not only be skilled at recognizing mistakes but also at providing honest feedback. This honest feedback allows a business to repair what it needs to when a mistake has occurred, without the need for a full-on disciplinary meeting.

One of the most frequently asked interview questions, is whether or not an individual will ever receive a complaint about the level of service that they receive. Although it is always important to provide excellent customer service, it is also equally important to be truthful when answering this question. If employees are asked to provide examples of complaints that they have received, this can provide some enlightenment. If several employees offer different examples of the same problem, then it may be wise to ask each employee to describe the exact same problem, and provide their solution. The discussion could even end with each employee providing an example of how they solved the problem.

Cost-Effective Communication: Communication plays a crucial role in any business. A good example of cost-effective communication would be to allow your customers the option to send you a text message instead of making a call. Although both options are effective, texting is definitely more cost-effective. Cost-effective communication allows customers to stay on top of your company while you are giving them the information that they need to stay informed. Additionally, cost-effective communication makes both you and the customer feel like a professional. Customers appreciate when you are trying to provide good customer services because it shows that you are aware of their needs.

Communication and open dialogue are extremely important when you are providing excellent customer service. Asking customers for their opinion on a problem or concern allows you to learn what they are expecting and accommodate accordingly. When customers are happy and continue to purchase from your company, it will certainly increase your reputation among your customers. It will also benefit your bottom line because satisfied customers tend to spend more money. Thus, excellent customer service means providing the type of support that keeps customers coming back again.


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