How Customers Expect Customer Service in Today

Customer service is your service that you provide to your clients both before and after they purchase and utilize your goods or services. Customer service is extremely important if you intend to retain clients and grow your company. In today’s society, businesses are no longer just mom and pop operations. A lot of these companies now have employees that take phone orders, send out catalogs and mail out product orders. Therefore, when a person not only requests a product, but also explains what their exact requirements are in writing, the customer service rep must be prepared to help them get exactly what they need.

Businesses can become very expensive to run. This is especially true for those that sell more than simply physical goods such as groceries, clothes, books and movies. Because the internet is one of the main ways people purchase these things, it only makes sense to have effective customer services to ensure the most convenient and cost-effective experience possible. With a little research and planning, it is possible to create an online store that will have the reputation and the history necessary to draw in loyal customers.

It is no surprise then that there is much research being done on the power of social media for marketing purposes. Although many of these studies are still in the very early stages and have not been peer reviewed by any of the major journals, they are garnering a lot of attention from all corners of the internet. Some studies show that impulsive customers are three times more likely to switch vendors on the internet versus normal customers. Impulsive consumers are made up of those who get online from completely random sources such as searches through Google or Bing. Other impulsive customers are influenced by celebrities or news events.

The key to creating a cost-effective and convenient customer service strategy is being able to identify who your target customers are and finding a way to engage with them on a more personal level. Many businesses have found that hiring a consultant who specializes in dealing with certain demographics can be very beneficial. These consultants can be found through agencies such as Ketchum, which offer their expertise to clients looking for the best solutions for their customers. However, if you are trying to build a brand online and do not want to hire a company to represent you, the options that are available to you are almost endless.

One of the most important aspects of a good customer service is making sure that you take the time to address the needs of your customers. If you are working with a younger demographic, this means investing in content that is easier to understand for your customer. If you are working with older customers, it means creating an environment that is comfortable so that they feel like they are welcome to ask any questions. Always offer quick answers and do not allow your customers to wait for long periods of time before giving them answers.

The last thing that every single customer expects from their interaction with your business is to be treated as a guest. There is no such thing as a customer service employee; therefore, you need to make sure that every single customer experience is one that makes them feel like they are a valued guest. This does not mean treating them like an employee, it means treating them as a friend. Offer them snacks or free drinks when they order so that they will remember you. This will keep them coming back for more because they know that you value their business.


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