5 Accounting Apps That Can Help You Simplify Your Finances

Whether you’re a small business owner or an accountant, there are tons of different accounting apps that can help you keep track of your finances. However, finding the right one for you can be a little confusing. Here are a few different popular options to help you out.

Zoho Books

Whether you are a small business owner or a financial professional, Zoho Books can help you keep track of your money and automate many accounting tasks. Zoho Books provides a comprehensive picture of your finances and can help you manage projects, payments, receivables, and expenses.

Zoho Books has a straightforward user interface that is easy to navigate. It features a vertical navigation bar that allows you to quickly access all of the features in the program. Zoho Books also has a template gallery that offers more customizing options than most accounting software programs. It has 16 templates to choose from, and you can customize them with text and background images.

Zoho Books offers a 14-day free trial. You can also sign up for a monthly subscription. Zoho Books is free for businesses with less than $50K in annual revenue.


Whether you’re looking to grow your business, make a profit, or save time, QuickBooks accounting software is the way to go. The software streamlines the financial process to allow you to focus on the core work.

QuickBooks is an all-in-one business solution that provides customizable financial reports, time tracking to bill clients, project management to keep track of inventory and sales, and mobile access to your accounts. It can also integrate with eCommerce apps, customer management software, and payment processing applications.

QuickBooks is also designed to protect your data. Using industry-recognized security measures, QuickBooks safeguards your information, whether it’s on the cloud, or on your PC.

The QuickBooks accounting app lets you track sales and expenses, keep track of your inventory and savings, and send invoices. It also allows you to send automated invoice reminders.

Sage Accounting

Whether you’re looking for a way to streamline your inventory or simply want to keep track of your expenditures, the Sage accounting app can help. It offers several features to simplify your finances, from automatically recording receipts to sending out invoices. The software also includes stocktaking, automated accounts receivables, and custom billing.

The Sage accounting app is available for iOS and Android. It brings all your Sage contacts into your phone. The app also allows you to send texts to manage transactions.

It’s also possible to send invoices directly to customers, which helps keep cash flowing more efficiently. The app offers professional invoicing templates, which allow you to easily create invoices. It also includes a chat function that allows you to track recent transactions. You can also send money to your customers using their preferred payment method.


Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, Kashoo is an excellent accounting solution. It’s a cloud-based accounting platform that’s easy to use and offers a number of useful features, including automated invoicing, financial reporting, tax preparation, and expense management.

Kashoo offers a free 14-day trial and a $20 monthly plan. If you’re a business owner, this accounting software is an excellent way to streamline your bookkeeping process and give you more time for other important tasks. It’s also easy to set up, with automated bank feeds. It’s also fully encrypted, so your personal and financial information is safe.

Kashoo includes several reports, including a handy summary that displays totals for past due bills and expenses. You can also generate customized reports that analyze your numbers. It also includes OCR functionality, which means that the app will automatically detect and classify receipts.


Whether you are just starting out or looking to improve your finances, NerdWallet is a great app to help you track and manage your money. It offers free content to help you save money, pay bills, and improve your credit score.

NerdWallet uses a variety of artificial intelligence tools to provide financial advice. NerdWallet can provide you with information about credit cards, student loans, insurance, and mortgages. It also offers free credit scores and credit reports. NerdWallet has also partnered with Yodlee, which connects NerdWallet with your financial accounts. This allows you to easily link your bank accounts and credit cards.

NerdWallet also offers a free version of the service that allows you to track your spending and get financial advice. It is available on both the web and the apple app store.

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