What Is A Business?

What is the definition of a business? A business is so defined by the US congress that it includes any trade entered into by individuals for profit or reward. The word “commerce” is also used to define business. Essentially, a business is defined as any commercial activity or organization conducted for the profit or reward […]

Setting Up A Trade Show Booth And Setting Up Your Exhibit At Your Venue

A trade show is an important gathering of companies (companies, affiliates and business representatives), specialists and business leaders (visitors) who come together at a specialised venue to share knowledge, promote products and services, and make new connections. Trade shows are a very effective marketing and promotional tool. They are also an excellent way to network […]

How to Plan a Trade Show

A trade show for businesses in a given industry to show and showcase their newest products and services to potential customers. Trade shows are usually open to the general public and is attended by business representatives and invited news reporters from around the country. It is a great way for small businesses to increase their […]

Small Business Accounting Basics

Accounting or accountancy is basically the scientific measurement, interpretation, and communication of financial information about non-financial financial entities like corporations and companies. This includes the recording of decision points, events, transactions, information, and transactions regarding a specific company, entities, individuals, and other related subjects. Accounting is often used to represent the difference between what is […]

What Are Strategic Management And Its Application To Business Administration?

Management is basically the management of an organization, whether it’s a private company a public non-profit organization, or governmental body. The management of these organizations can be divided into different functional areas. One of them is called as Human Resources (HR). This includes employment and training, recruitment, orientation, performance management, and employee relations. There are […]

Managers and Organizational Goals

Management is the management of a company, whether it’s a business with a government agency, or non-profit entity. Sometimes the term “management” is used to refer loosely to a wide range of managerial roles, including planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling employees. “Managers” is a broad term that can encompass all levels of management: executive management, […]