Resolve : How To Change Font Size in Yahoo Mail?

Resolve : How To Change Font Size in Yahoo Mail?

Change Font Size in Yahoo Mail

Easy Way to Change Font Size in Yahoo

Yahoo mail comes along with so many enhanced features that users can access easily. Along with this, there are also certain settings as well as benefits that enhance your overall emailing and amongst them, fonts in Yahoo mail plays an effective role.

A quality formatting of emails is always attractive for users, but when it is too much, it becomes very distracting. Hence, Fonts size in Yahoo should always be kept in a size according to the mail. Yahoo’s email client enables you to customize the style and formatting which includes font size, of your business correspondence from the Options menu or from a drop-down menu in rich text mode.

For changing font in Yahoo plain text messages, you can take these steps below:

  • First login to your Yahoo account
  • Now navigate your inbox
  • Now click on the options drop-down
  • Log in to your Yahoo account
  • Navigate to your inbox
  • Now click on the options drop down menu
  • Select your mail options
  • Now navigate to the advanced settings section
  • Select desired font size
  • Now click on the “options” drop down menu
  • Select “Mail Options”
  • Now you can navigate to the “Advanced Settings” section
  • Select the desired font size from the Plaintext Font drop-down menu
  • Now click on the inbox tab
  • Apply the changes
  • Your font size will be default for plain text messages

Rich Text Messages

  • Now click on “Switch to Rich Text” button to enable rich text
  • After that enter desired text into the body of email
  • Now highlight text
  • Select desired font size from the drop-down menu
  • Now just next to the font name click on apply to the text

Well, with these easy to use and apply fonts you can easily change fonts in yahoo. If you face any error or have any query, you can just simply connect with us. Our services are effective and easy to attain, if you face any issue or hindrance you can connect with our Yahoo customer service number.

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