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Your Account is hacked? We are here to help You Now

When you are in middle of some work and suddenly you receive a message “Sorry you cannot Log In” what will be your reactions? First you might think that may be you have entered a wrong password mistakenly, Right? But after some trials you come to know that your account might have been hacked. Well it happens sometimes and there are quite possibilities that an account have might been hacked. You don’t worry we are here to help you fix the problem and you will be known that is your account is hacked or not.

Yahoo is a free Webmail provider worldwide. It is an invention of 90’s. Well it also came in news that Yahoo is a platform where many stories have been built. From love stories to meeting a new member and to be connected with the close one’s overseas. Yahoo has made an amusing reputation since its invention to the date. It has loyal users who have built a shield of trust since its invention. So, how can we let that Yahoo Account of yours be hacked? We will describe the steps below to solve the hacked Yahoo account of its users. If you require any assistance from our skilled techies, connect to us at Yahoo phone number you will be provided information to help solve your query.

Here what you can do if the Yahoo Account is hacked: 

  • Check your E-mail Address 

There is a reason why you should check the E-Mail Address of your account. It is because people save a lot of sensitive information in their account. And hackers attack the accounts of users to grab that valuable information. So when you log in make sure you use anti-intrusion email security tool. These tools will help you remove the information and alert you if something suspicious comes up in the future.

  • Check the Activity 

Next, you should always check the recent activity of your account. To keep an eye that what all is happening in the account. Recent Activity can be accessed from the left hand menu bar on the Yahoo page account.

  • Change your password

When you change the password keep in mind that the hacker is aware about the pattern of your password. So, try to use another pattern to make your new password. Now look on your yahoo account page, through the left hand navigation for the Account Security link. Now change your account password:

  • Here you will see an option Change Password
  • Click on Select a New Password option
  • Try to make 8 character long password
  • Check the Recovery Detail

Check the recovery account that you have mentioned while signing up for the account. This information is used to recover your account when you are logged out of the account for some reason.

  • Opt for two steps verification 

Keeping two steps verification is a smart way to keep the hackers out of the league. For this:

  • Go to the Yahoo account page
  • Open Account Security
  • At the bottom of page, see a toggle switch slide to enable it.

Well, we have discussed all the steps that will help you keep your account safe and if it is hacked it will help you secure it. In case you are not able to access the account please feel free to connect with us at Yahoo support phone number. We are third party individual providing solutions to our users.

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